2019 USDBF Officers

PresidentAndrew Szymanski                   
president @ usdbf.org 
First Vice PresidentMark Kanevp1 @ usdbf.org
Second Vice PresidentBob Ricksvp2 @ usdbf.org
TreasurerVan Thy Ngotreasurer @ usdbf.org 
SecretarySarah Demmonsecretary @ usdbf.org   
Honorary Executive Member  Bob Morrorhmorro @ usdbf.org

In the summer of 2019 the USDBF Board of Directors made the decision to part ways with Treasurer Ellen Law and select an interim treasurer to finish the term which expires in 2020. Ellen's removal was done in part to alleviate the workload she was managing as Team USA Coach and ERDBA President and not for any wrongdoing or money mismanagement issue. The USDBF would like to thank Ellen Law for her service as Treasurer and welcome Van Thy Ngo as the interim Treasurer

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