Instructions on Petitioning for Remaining Berths for France 2020 CCWC can be found at the following Link
Round 3 and 4 Berth Award Process

2019 USDBF Club Crew National Championships

Results for the CCNC can be found at the link below:



More details can be found in the press release document below (for the 2017 and 2019 CCNCs).

2019 CCNC Bulletins

2019 CCNC and Worlds Date Conflict
Bulletin #1 - UPDATED January 28, 2019
Bulletin #2 - UPDATED June 20, 2019
Link to additional Berth Award Process Clarifications

2017 CCNC 

2017 CCNC Race Results

CCNC Rules:

The CCNC follows the racing rules of the IDBF.