The USDBF offers training to help advance dragon boat in the US. Classes are periodically offered in a number of different disciplines, but the most frequent are:

USDBF Race Official

Course covers:

  • Race organization
  •  USDBF dragon boat program
  •  Racing rules and protocol
  •  The roles and responsibilities of dragon boat officials
  •  Open book test
  •  Interactive discussions of racing scenarios

After completing the course, candidates are required to complete a minimum of 4 hours of practical experience at each of four stations (Marshalling, Starts, Umpire, Finish Line) in order to be considered for Senior Race Official status. The information in this course is also very helpful for athletes, coaches, and race organizers to better understand how races work, whether they intend to certify as an official or not. Here is further information about becoming a USDBF Senior Race Official.

If you are in the process of gaining certification and need to log hours, here is the USDBF Officials in Training Log (rev 1.22).

USDBF Coach Certification

The Level 1 course is an entry level program designed to teach essential coaching skills for novice, recreational and intermediate teams.

The Level 2 course is an advanced training program which prepares coaches to “coach to compete.”

Here is further information about the programs and instructors.