Team USA

The 2023 IDBF World Championships will be in Pattaya, Thailand, August 7-13.2023.  Coaches (see below) are now recruiting athletes for the Team USA selection pool, and available information can be accessed below.

There are two steps for entering the process. All athletes must register with the USDBF and pay a membership fee. Once registered, you can apply for the teams that you are interested in. The table below will help you understand the divisions for which you may be eligible. 

Please note that coaches do not share athlete information with each other, so you must apply for each event for which you have interest.  For instance, a 53-year-old woman could choose to apply for Premier, Senior A, and Senior B divisions, and in the Women, Mixed/Open classes in each division, for a total of 6 event RSVPs.

Step 1 - Register as a Member 

Step 2 - Apply for Team USA

If you find you need more detailed information to help you through the process, we have a help guide for you.

Coming soon: Crew list page 

Interested in becoming a TEAM USA coach?

Click here for the full explanation of responsibilites, qualifications and application 


Are you curious about what Team USA is like?  Check out these videos about being selected for and racing as a member of Team USA: 

Coaches for Team USA for the World Dragon Boat Racing Championships scheduled to be held in August 2023 in Pattaya, Thailand.

  • Premier  Open and Mixed - Robert McNamara
  • Premier Women - Jonathan Rivera and Megan Roberts, co-coaches
  • Senior A Open and Mixed - Marc Applewhite
  • Senior A  Women - Ellen Law
  • Senior B Open and Mixed - Peter McNamara 
  • Senior B Women - Ellen Law
  • Senior C Open, Mixed and Women - Pat Bradley
  • 24U Open, Mixed and Women - Josh Hwung 
  • Junior A&B, Open, Mixed and Women - Nathan Salazar
  • Paradragon - Lonnie Homenuk

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2017 Team USA - Kunming

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Team USA - Welland 2015