Paradragons (PD)

Paradragon is an exciting new division in dragon boat, and it is inspirational to see this division race. Paradragons are defined by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) as athletes that have some form of physical, psychological, neurological, sensory, developmental, or intellectual impairment. 

THE VISION - Create opportunities for anyone to compete in dragon boating regardless of their age, gender or impairment.

THE STRATEGY - Create an environment that encourages competition and thus greater participation.

THE PHILOSOPHY - Open to anyone with any impairment, open to any age, open to any gender.

THE RULE BOOK  - Integrates all three aspects of the philosophy so as to provide a way in which different groups of paddlers can race, fairly, against each other. A 'scoring' system is used to ensure fairness between teams. Composite teams are allowed.

RACE CATEGORIES - All races will be 'Open' (no age or gender restrictions, standard & small boat), and all competition distances.

The USDBF announced recruitment for the first Team USA Paradragon entry for Worlds in Thailand at the IDBF World Championship in August 2023. Check back for information about recruitment for our next Team USA Paradragon coach and crew. For more information, visit Team USA Paradragon

This new division is growing, and our goal is to create awareness and encourage participation across the country, not only at the club level, but also at Club Crew National Championships 2023

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For more information, you can contact our IDBF Para Athlete Commission Representative.

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2023 Paradragon Champions - Adaptive Fusion

Adaptive Fusion at Club Crew Nationals in 2023

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