Ethics Committee

The mission of the USDBF is to develop the sport of dragon boat in the United States. As such, the Federation is committed to fostering a sporting environment that is characterized by three key principles: integrity, respect, and sportsmanship. The USDBF Ethics Committee exists to help the USDBF Board of Directors ensure that these principles are adhered to.

The Ethics Committee consists of two representatives from each of the four member regions of the USDBF. Members are selected by their respective regions, and each member serves for a term of two years. The USDBF President serves on the Ethics Committee in an ex-officio capacity.

The purpose of the Ethics Committee is to:

  • Establish clear policy, applicable to all parties engaged in the corporation's management, events and programs, addressing conflict of interest and ethical conduct; and
  • Create a clear protocol for addressing complaints of violations of said policy.

Ethics Committee Documents