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Team USA Selection Criteria

If you are interested in trying out for TEAM USA or getting more information about training plans for a particular crew, please complete this paddler information form and send to the email address/es listed below for the crews for which you would be interested in more information.
*If you are interested in more than one crew, please make sure that you indicate all the crews you are interested in on your form and send to the each of the email addresses associated with those crews listed below.

Paddler Information Form
Senior B Open Timetable

U18 Open (coming soon)
U18 Women (coming soon)
U18 Mixed (coming soon)

USDBF Team USA Paddler FAQ’s

What time are you looking for on the small boat trial?
Your best time relative to the course/conditions. 

Other trial locations will be using faster small boats, will that hurt my chances of being selected?
Times will be compared within a trial group/location.
Actual times cannot be compared from one location to another.

Why aren't there any right sided ama's for small boat trials?
The coaches are working with the equipment they have available to them, and not all locations will have right rigged OC-1s.  Be adaptable as an athlete. All the right sided paddlers have the same "dis-advantage".
Are all the small boat trials courses the same?
No, not all course distances will be the same, but coaches have agreed to try to provide a 500 m course when possible

How are you going to compare times if the distances aren't the same?
Trust your coaches.  Time trials are a tool, and we are aware that they change from location to location, boat to to boat, and by conditions.

What if I cannot make my division/crew suggested trial location?
Paddlers can trial at any location ( if space is available) and the data will be shared with all Team USA coaches.  Please contact the coach of the crew that you are interested in to be sure that they will accept a trial time from another location or coach.

I am interested in two  different divisions/crews and one of the coaches is selecting the team earlier than the other. What does that mean to me?
Once you have been selected for a seat on a crew, and accept that seat, you will no longer be available to roster on to another Team USA crew, except where coaches have agreed to share crew . For example single gender crews to mixed crews.

What about fitness and strength components in the trials?
Check with the division/crew coach as to how they may be using these components. For some coaches they are serving as benchmarks, not selection tools.  

I submitted my interest form and paddler information forms, but I haven’t heard from the coach what should I do?
Contact the coach of the team you are interested in again to verify the receipt of the application materials.

The trial I wish to attend is listed under Premier Women, but I am a Senior C man, can I still attend?
Please contact the coach listed to reserve a spot for your preferred trial location, and request that you information be shared with the coach of the division/crew you are interested in. Then contact that coach too, in order to let them know where you’ll be trialing.

If I am selected for a crew when will I know?
Each coach has decided on a team selection deadline. Consult the Team USA page at the USDBF website for more information.

Will my crew ever practice/race together before World’s in 2015?
Crew coaches are putting together plans to run practices and/or races with their selected crews. Please contact the coach of your crew for more information 

The coach of the crew I am interested in is requiring attendance at crew practices/camps/races that I am not sure I can afford to attend in addition to Worlds. Should I just give up and not apply?
No, Contact the coach and explain your situation. Exceptions to “required practices/camps/races may be possible. 

Where will my times be posted?
Please contact your team coach for this information, as the procedure varies. However all coaches will get the results from all the trials.

Team_usaCoaches for USDBF Team USA.
The USDBF has worked hard for several years revising and developing its Team USA Coach Selection process. With the help of many coaches and paddlers from across our nation, we have created a Team USA Coach Selection Committee and application process that we used for the first time in our selection of coaches for Team USA that will compete in the IDBF World Championships. We are excited by the process and look forward to an ever growing national team.

All coaches are working together to create a strong, cohesive national team. They are busily preparing for time trials throughout the country. 

If you are interested in trying out for Team USA, please don't hesitate to contact me and we will connect you with the Team USA coach nearest you.

We look forward to watching the 2015 TEAM USA Coaches work together to build our strongest national team to date.  

The USDBF TEAM USA Selection Crew would like to reopen the application process for the following coaching positions:

U18 Open U18 Women U18 Mixed

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