Seattle Dragon Boat Festival

Lake Union Park, Seattle, WA US


Founded July 28, 1988
July 29, 2017

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13th Annual Seattle Dragon Boat Festival is scheduled for July 30th,
2016. More than 10,000 spectators will line the shores of South Lake
Union to cheer on approximately 1,000 local and visiting athletes. Don’t
miss the thrilling competition as these spectacular 12-metre long
boats, flamboyantly decorated to feature the head and tail of the
dragon, battle it out on beautiful South Lake Union.  The Seattle Dragon
Boat Festival is managed local volunteers and Team Survivor Northwest.
venue is open to competitive and novice dragon boating racing, live
music, children’s activities, and more!  9am – 5pm, Lake Union Park.
Distance: 500m courses with a possible fun run at the end of the day.
Cost: $700.00 for local teams, $600.00 for out of state teams, $25 discount for first 10 to register
4 race guarantee

Competitive mixed
All teams MUST have at least ten female paddlers.
Competitive Women's
All 20 paddlers MUST be women.
crew members and drummer are between the ages of 12-19 by the event
date, with the exception of the steersperson and manager. Crew members
under the age of 18 must have a signed parental or guardian consent in
order to participate. Junior teams MUST have at least eight female
paddlers. Steersperson needs to be approved by Festival staff prior to
race day.  The team manager must be over 21 years of age.
Survivor teams – TBD
Master - If mixed – must have at least 10 female paddlers
Grand Master - If mixed – must have at least 10 female paddlers


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