USDBF Regions


As of July 2013, the USDBF is the U.S. representative for the Pan Am Dragon Boat Federation (PADBF) which in turn is part of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF).

There are four (4) regions in the USDBF: PDBA representing the West Coast, ADBA representing the Central US, ERDBA respresenting the NorthEast, and SRDBA representing the SouthEast.

The PanAmerican Federation is a newly formed organization comprised of North, Central and South America and will have a website with more information coming soon.

  • IDBF International Dragon Boat Federation
  • PADBF Pan Am Dragon Boat Federation
  • USDBF U.S. Dragon Boat Federation
  • PDBA Pacific Dragon Boat Association
  • ADBA American Dragon Boat Association
  • ERDBA Eastern Regional Dragon Boat Association
  • SRDBA Southeastern Regional Dragon Boat Association

Organizational Chart

The following chart is not a definitive representation of the organizational structure of Dragon Boat in the U.S. and in the world, but will be expanded upon as more information becomes available.