2024 USDBF Officer Applications Now Open

Published Wed 10 Jan 2024

The USDBF Nominations Committee is now accepting applications for the following officer positions:

Vice President 1: oversight of Team USA and participation in the IDBF World Championships 2025 in Germany.

Treasurer: financial management of the entire Federation.

Membership Officer: oversight and management of the USDBF membership database. Note that the Membership Officer position is appointed by the President, not voted in by the board. See process section at bottom for more detail.

APPLICATION FORM HERE - due January 31, 2024

Nominations Committee process:

Applications will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee. Candidates will then be contacted for an interview with the Committee.

Candidates will be assessed on their application and interview. The Committee will submit their recommendations for nominees to the USDBF Board, and nominees will be invited to present candidate statements at the USDBF Annual General Meeting tentatively scheduled for March 9, 2024.

For Vice President 1 and Treasurer only: the USDBF Board will vote, and Officers will then take office effective March 9, 2024.

For Membership Officer only: because this position is appointed and not voted-on, the USDBF Board will not vote. Instead, the USDBF President will select and appoint the Officer, who will take office effective March 9, 2024.

If you have any questions, please contact We look forward to reviewing candidate applications.