Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

This page is for registration of new and returning non-voting Members of USDBF.
Members in good standing are able to access their digital ID card via this page.
Plastic ID cards are no longer necessary for proof of membership. 

To get the returning member discount you must have paid your USDBF dues during the previous calendar year.  If you were not a paid USDBF member last year, you must click on the “New Member” button and pay the new member fees of $55.

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Your membership helps support the operation and growth of dragon boat in the United States.

Membership is required for:

  • Participants of Team USA, including athletes trying out for the teams, selected athletes, coaches, and support personnel (team managers, etc.)
    • Note: you must be a paid USDBF member before attending any training camps, clinics, time trials, or other Team USA events
  • Athletes, coaches, and support personnel who participate in any Club Crew Championships (CCNC, PACCC, CCWC)
  • USDBF board members, officers, directors, committee members
  • USDBF race officials

Athletes at all levels of competition are also encouraged to support your local region through participation in a member club or through individual region membership.

USDBF membership is effective through the end of the calendar year.  

Membership fees are: $55 the first year, $35 each consecutive year after the first year. Please note that lapsed registrations will again incur the $55 upon renewal from the lapse.

Membership fees for all youth (24 years and under) are $25 per year.

Membership fees are non-refundable. 

Mailing address for checks:

PO Box 477
Dubuque, Iowa 52004-0477

The USDBF no longer uses printed ID badges. Members joining after August 2022 will only have access to their digital ID card.



You must log in with your username and password. This digital ID card can be used to verify your current membership status with the USDBF.